The Troubadour

In these times of uncertainty, many industries are taking a major financial hit. The music industry is at a standstill and some of the most prominent venues around the country are hurting. Recently one of the most famous venues in Los Angeles, The Troubadour, had to start a Go-Fund me in order to keep the business alive. Asking it’s loyal patrons to donate what they can to stay afloat, the Troubadour needs all the help they can get. Losing this venue would be detrimental to the music scene in Los Angeles. Other venues in Los Angeles and Hollywood such as the notorious Rainbow Bar and Grill are relying on their food take-out system in order to pay their rent. But let’s face it, with the high concentration of restaurants in LA it’s very uncertain that take-out will be enough to keep these venues up and running.

The Troubadour opened its doors in 1957 and has hosted a number of A list acts such as Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin, Elton John, and the notorious live recorded album “Miles Davis: Live at the Troubadour” among many others. With this kind of history on that stage, it is imperative that music lovers all around the country donate what they can to make sure one of the most legendary spots in LA remains hosting shows for years to come.

With California Governor Gavin Newsome stating that live shows may not return until “the middle of next year”, the Troubadours future remains “a big if”. This news has rattled many bands and venue owners and promoters in the state of California. With no end in sight, measures are needed to be taken in order to make sure the music industry does not capsize during these uncertain times.

The last gig performed at the Troubadour was the band Glass Animals which delivered an electrifying performance. The singer Dave Bayley even jumped up on the balcony during one of their tunes and got the crowd roaring by his stunt.

For anyone who has gone to a live show at the Troubadour, they know there is a special kind of magic between those walls and is unparalleled by other venues of that size. It is important that fans realize that these venues rely mainly on live shows and ticket sales to keep their doors open, so if you can spare anything to keep such a legendary venue afloat, please do so!

You can donate to The Troubadours Go-Fund Me by clicking HERE.


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