Land of Talk

Land Of Talk’s new single “Indistinct Conversation” is a stimulating and artistic take on electronic indie. The organic instruments and simplicity keeps it feeling grounded while the dreamy production and minimal use of synths make it feel a bit like lucid dreaming. The use of layering instruments and rhythms in the intro and in various parts throughout the track break it up to keep it interesting. It definitely doesn’t feel like the song goes in a straight line. It’s more of a meditative expansive feel like a ghostly presence. Overall, it’s a great track for introverts needing some heavy alone time.

As for the video, it is for some reason, great. Its simplicity of a wide shot of the back of a woman standing on a table in a small back yard has been made into art that you can’t look away from the entire video. The color correction is done beautifully in a limited color pallet of green and red hues. The composition of the original shot is balanced and the shot, without action, asks a question all on its own. The jump cuts, insert shots and bizarre actions of the subject are timed perfectly and the editing seems to have strategically placed pattern interrupts stretched just long enough that it keeps the viewers’ eyeballs glued to wonder “what’s next?”

Listen/watch the video for “Diaphanous” below:

Indistinct Conversations’ will be released on July 31st via Saddle Creek and is now available for pre-order.

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