The first time I ever had the privilege of seeing Lady Faith perform, it was in the basement of a warehouse in LA. Or maybe it was somewhere in the valley — I’m not entirely sure. I didn’t know 80% of the people I was in the car with, and I had no idea where they were taking me, but I was told that there’s a hardstyle DJ that I absolutely NEEDED to hear and that was enough for me.

As I stepped into the doorway (or rather, was pulled in by the lookouts in the shadows) and made my way down the dimly lit stairs, I could feel the excitement growing. This wasn’t my first party, but I knew that it was going to be one I wouldn’t forget. I remember being completely in awe, standing in that room so close to this woman filling the room with the sound that was lacking in the LA scene at the time. I felt at home, and when I returned to my dorm the next morning I found her SoundCloud and put her mixes on repeat.

Fast forward to now, and here I am, 7 year later, still remembering the moment I found one of my favorite DJs like it was yesterday.

For those that live for the orchestral melodies, for those who feel their blood pumping in sync with the beat at 150 BPM, and for those who are touched by Barack Obama’s speech in her track “America”, Exchange LA was the place to be this past weekend.

Lady Faith knows how to connect deeply with those at her altar and she is the high priestess of her faithful. It’s so easy to lose yourself in her music, expertly mixed and crafted. Unlike so many laptop DJs around who spend more time dancing around the stage than behind the decks, Lady Faith is impressive to observe, carefully adjusting and always paying attention. And yet she manages to be engaged with the audience, making each person there feel like she’s there for them. She’s everything and more you’d hope for in a DJ. Her music is outstanding (I can’t even count the number of times I’ve seen her), her charisma is infectious, and her love and appreciation for her fans speak to her humility as a person. Her lack of ego is refreshing and her music is energetically uplifting. She’s one of the biggest names in the US Hardstyle scene, and it has been every bit earned.

Next time she’s in LA, be sure to catch her, be ready to dance your face off, become best friends with the people around you, and walk in the faith.