Ghostly International is a record label that prides itself in sharing “genre-less” music with a worldwide pool of hip listeners. What began almost twenty years ago as a boutique label is now known for its avant-garde pop, techno, and indie music releases. One of their newest artists is Melbourne based duo Kllo (formerly known as Klo). The eclectic pair’s debut with the label will be released soon. Today, the first single from the record, titled “Virtue,” has been released.

Kllo is comprised of cousins Chloe Kaul and Simon Lam. They have received recognition early in their career from Pitchfork, BBC Radio 1, Elle Magazine, and Spotify. They have gained a widespread international fanbase after playing festivals in Australia, opening for popular UK acts Maribou State and Sohn, and playing tour dates that stretched across the UK, reaching as far as Barcelona.

With the release of “Virtue,” Kllo has established themselves as an act that can appeal to US audiences as much as those abroad. The track opens with melodic keys and an airy but warm vocal from Chloe Kaul. She has a warbling but patient, emotional delivery that establishes the track’s almost copasetic ambiance.

The intro effectively breaks into a playful and scratched up house beat that mixes EDM and pop in a way that is cool, but not too hip. “Virtue” is not too indie, hushed, or faraway but also is not too obvious or pop oriented. They have a sound like The XX but with a more bright and eclectic use of effects. Delicate layers build in complexity throughout the track and it is pleasantly danceable.

The vocal is also present throughout with catchy repetitions like “Can I count on you?” The song then drops into a hook that flows like liquid, and makes for a single that is highly remixable in multiple capacities. Kllo definitely has a potential to appeal to US audiences as well as international listeners. Mid-July has made for great timing on this summer’s single’s release. It is upbeat but peaceful with enough avant-garde elements to make it a great fit for Ghostly International. We look forward to hearing the full album and will be bringing to you first here at GSM when it is released.

Listen to Kllo’s latest track “Virtue” below:


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