AFI Frontman and No Doubt Members Form Supergroup Dreamcar, Release New Video



Davey Havok and three of the musicians from No Doubt have joined to form a synth pop meets dark new wave alternative rock group called Dreamcar. Their debut track “Kill for Candy” has a fun 80s throwback meets mod euro-pop feel. Inspiration from Depeche Mode and The Cure can be heard in their low-key approach. The project is cool, and more grown up than the member’s previous projects, not quite as dark as AFI or upbeat as No Doubt.

For their new music video “Kill for Candy” the band used wearable cameras to actually film four vertigo-inducing videos that you can toggle between while watching. The multiple videos take place in an almost nightmarish, neon-lit black box where the band is playing a show. The interactive concept is modern and cool but admittedly made me dizzy. Still, it’s awesome to see members from these groups that dominated the 90s and early 2000s maintain a vivacity and continue to shape new and interesting sounds. Hopeful there are more catchy tracks and avant-garde videos to come from this group, which is hardly even a supergroup because their sound is so individual. The group is sure to make an impression at Coachella and gain thousands of new fans this summer. Check out all four perspectives of this video and be one of the first to download “Kill for Candy.”

To watch the video, click below!


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