K.L. Mazlin

K.L. Mazlin

Melbourne-based artist K.L. Mazlin has spent the majority of his musical career working with artists such as Hungry Kids of Hungary, Spring Skier, and Mapletons helping polish their sound. Mazlin has now kicked off his solo career to a great start reflecting on his past whilst crafting well-thought heavenly arrangements.

K.L. Mazlin follows up his debut single with “Middle Ground”, a stunningly moving piece oozing in emotive nostalgia. The new single is piano-driven, smooth, and laid back drawing from his influence of the 60s and 70’s songwriting. Mazlin’s soft-spoken voice cuts through beautifully in this record evoking a range of bittersweet feelings.

Mazlin’s songwriting is timeless featuring wondrous instrumentation and intelligent musical transitions. K.L. Mazlin has proved that his music is here to stand the test of time promising an exciting future ahead.

Listen to “Middle Ground” below:

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