K. Flay is throwing a free party in Echo Park on July 12th to celebrate the release of her sophmore album, Solutions. That is this Friday and we are all invited! All you have to do is RSVP here.

K. Flay will perform an acoustic set and promises fun and games for all. And most importantly there will be free ice cream! The festivities kick off at 2PM!

K. Flay has released three singles from the album so far. “Bad Vibes” came first, “This Baby Don’t Cry” (co-written by Dan Reynolds from Imagine Dragons) came next, and most recently she released “Not In California.” You can bet that they will be part of her live set.

When talking about the new album, K. Flay had this to say: “So many of my past records were about problems. Right now I’m in a place where I’m looking for some light. Balance is important. Life doesn’t have to be chaotic in order to be meaningful.” You can hear her new outlook in the more upbeat approach in her new singles.

She also shed a little light on the meaning of the album’s title: “The solution to almost every problem is usually really simple. For me, it’s so basic: staying connected to the people I love, taking care of myself the way I’d want my friends to take care of themselves, and doing things I know are going to make me happy – not what social media or strangers or society tells me.”

Preorder your copy of Solutions here.

Watch the video for “Bad Vibes” to prepare for the show below:


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