Joywave release dark, chilling track with an unnerving visual component



Joywave, creators of massively popular hits such as “Tongues”, “Destruction”, and “Somebody New” has thrown everyone off guard by releasing a new track last night.

Titled “Content”, the track begins with what sounds like a moody, sulky organ riff followed by a heart-thumbing bassline. Lead singer Dan Armbruster comes in with a soft tone singing the lyrics, “I’m searching, for the difference between, what content and content can bring. Maybe they’re no different cause they look the same. Maybe I’m just an algorithm with a given name. But, trying to find the difference.”

As the song progresses the track’s instrumentals stay stagnant until about the minute mark where a thunderous array of noise comes billowing in. Much like a horror film or a momentous moment in an action movie, the song unleashes what sounds like controlled chaos. The loudness of what sounds like a cold wind or a gang of ghouls surrounds the songs during this moment in time.

Shortly after the climax of pure darkness subsides, Armbruster returns to the song with the lyrics “The difference, the difference, the difference” on repeat and full of modulation. The track continues on its dark, wandering path up until the 4:29 mark where it abruptly ends.

“Content” is a stark contrast compared to Joywave’s earlier work. Even through its dark demeanor the song still embodies Joywave’s reclusive lyrics and imaginative songwriting.


Accompanying the song comes a visual compliment. The video begins with what looks like actual super 8 film being run through a projector of sorts with various creepy tech images. Infused within the video are clips from Joywave’s “Joy Meets World” tour diary video series. Once the song reaches its climax the video cuts to a shot of what appears to be humans laying face down next to a computer monitor on a pedestal. The video ends with a long dolly shot, papers flying everywhere as the camera slowly creeps up on the computer at the end of the room, the humans on the floor nowhere to be found. The video was shot at Kodak park in Rochester, NY. Watch and listen below!

The band has hinted at releasing a new, full-length album sometime later this year yet no release date has been confirmed.

Joywave is currently gearing up for an extensive tour with Young the Giant and Cold War Kids. Tickets are currently on sale and can be purchased by clicking here!


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