Castells are a 4-piece indie-rock quartet crafting large energetic sound with driving choruses, punchy guitars, and powerful melodies. The Kent-based indie-rockers have now released their single “Viola” marking a new chapter for the band and the start of a multi-month campaign featuring a string of new singles.

“Viola” immediately gets the heart pumping starting with a dynamic introduction then subsiding into a more heartfelt and emotional anthem. The chorus is especially hard-hitting and manages to maintain a high amount of energy throughout. Speaking on the new track, the band stated that “Viola” is “inspired by a drunken romance with a stranger”. The kind of romance which feels like a lifetime but only lasts the night, and then by the morning is gone again”.

From start to finish the record is high-powered and keeps a lively pace true to the story behind the new single. With more music to be expected from Castells in the near future, it is an exciting time for the band at the start of a 12-month campaign.

Listen to “Viola” below:

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