In Flames puts on a sweltering performance at The Belasco Theatre in DTLA

Words + Pictures By: Jason Walton


The band HELLYEAH preaches respect. Fans had already started a circle pit during the segue, as pointed out by HELLYEAH frontman Chad Gray, and then they covered the metal icons, Slayer. Heavy hitting, as they should be, HELLYEAH put on a great show as they opened up for Swedish metal band In Flames on their ‘Forged In Fire’ North American Tour.

In Flames recently released their 13th album Battles from Eleven Seven and Nuclear Blast Records. After long time drummer Daniel Svensson left the band, studio drummer Joe Rickard recorded drums on the album and eventually joined the band.

I have never been disappointed by an In Flames performance. They hit hard. They bring it down deep. “Life is too short to drink bad shit. Support your local craft breweries.” Says lead singer Anders Fridén. The lack of phones in the air was surprisingly small for once and made the show more energetic and intimate.

In Flames is now in its 26th year as a band, still growing and maturing. They played a great mixture of hits off of their older records as well as songs off of their new album. Bassist, Peter Iwers also announced that this tour will be his last as he wants to focus on other things. After finishing up the rest of North America, In Flames will continue touring internationally. Their most recent album Battles was released November 2016 and is available now on  iTunes.

In Flames will be on tour for the rest of the year. For ticket information as well as upcoming tour dates, click here!

In Flames Setlist:

“Bullet Ride“
“Where the Dead Ships Dwell”
“The End”
“Only for the Weak”
“Cloud Connected”
“The Truth”
“Through Oblivion”
“The Quiet Place”
“Deliver Us”
“Take This Life”
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