Holy Pinto
Credit: Kelly Bolter

Holy Pinto is now premiering their new song “Bully,” the final single in a trio series released in the fall of 2019, via The Alternative. Each new single represents different experimentation in sound for songwriter Aymen Saleh.

“Bully” is a crunchy, electro-tinged indie-pop song with biting lyrics reminiscent of the 2000s emo. Holy Pinto previously released a music video for the country-tinged “Acquaintance, Friends – Love Ends” as well as the softer “Malady,” which was released via Chorus.fm in November. The full trio is available for purchase now on Bandcamp.

Listen to “Bully” by Holy Pinto now below:


“I always want to dress up songs in a certain way, and with Holy Pinto’s currently fluid lineup and instrumentation, I felt like I had more freedom to take some different routes on the songs. I love these songs, but they each have very, very different things to say, and they wouldn’t fit in any collective of tracks I’m currently working on. The only place they fit is being together in the acknowledgment that they’re all totally different.

I love that I finally got to have a pedal steel guitar on a song, write a country pop-sounding chorus and couple it with word-vomit of the most unusual, bizarre, silly yet honest lyrics I possibly could (Acquaintances, Friends – Love Ends).

I love that this disgusting, bitter song built on a waltz groove could become an electro-indie banger (Bully).

I love that I got to completely overhaul and dampen a drum kit and sound, sonically capture the broody mood I had in mind, and tell my story through vocals closer to a whisper, for the first time ever. (Malady)

As a three, they all work independently and I’m hoping people find interest in the differences. When I settle on a sound and coherency to what I want to say, there will be album #3.”

The songwriter will be releasing one more single in 2019. These single series follow his recent full-length album Adult, released in March of this year.


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