HEALTH opens for Deafheaven’s back-to-back sold out shows at The Echoplex

Photos By: Michelle Shiers


The room was electric. You could feel the current running between the stacked bodies in the sold-out room at the Echoplex. As the lights faded and Jake Duzsik, John Famiglietti and Jupiter Keyes of HEALTH took the stage to the opening epic thrum of “Victim,” the lights strobed, and the crowd roared with the cathartic release of anticipation. Bathed in smoke, and lit only from behind, the band basically exploded on stage. The short song segued directly into the pummeling drum assault and throat ripping screams of “Men Today”. The dichotomy of HEALTH’s sound is even more apparent live, as the heavy beats and screams always give way to beautiful melodies and vocals that seem far away as if they were pumped in from another dimension.

“Die Slow” came next, one of their biggest songs and the squeals of noise and dance beat got the crowd moving. Famiglietti is a show himself, jumping around the stage, throwing his instruments around and flipping his waist length hair, while tweaking knobs and creating the noise that all of HEALTH’s music emerges from. “Stonefist” became a sing-along as the devastating bass line punctuated the line “We both know love’s not in our hearts.” Duzsik, bearded and intense, punctuated the refrain by shaking his head back and forth and building the line in intensity until he was screaming it along with the audience.

Typically laconic, the band lets the music speak for them, pausing only briefly during the set to tune their instruments. “We are Water” has become a stand out live track that personifies the group’s aesthetic. Dark, mysterious and beautiful, with a driving beat, a cascade of synths, and ethereal lyrics. The song breaks down at the end, with the stage bathed in red light, to a punishing bassline and a cacophony of noise. They ended the set with their 30-second punk assault of squealing guitars and dissonant noise, “Girl Attorney.” This has become their recent closer lately, with Duzsik screaming the word “next” at the end, before walking off stage.

HEALTH currently doesn’t have any additional tour dates lined up. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled to their Facebook for upcoming news.

HEALTH Setlist:

“Men Today”
“Die Slow”
“LA Looks”
“Courtship II”
“Dark Enough”
“We are Water”
“Perfect Skin”
“Girl Attorney”


Photos By: Michelle Shiers
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