Harpo Milk

Harpo Milk

Joe Falconer (Circa Waves) has pushed ahead with a new sound in the form of his exciting solo project Harpo Milk. Falconer has honed his voice blending his vulnerable vocals and lyricism with openhearted guitar rock. Falconer previously revealed the first single “Glue” under the new project last month and is quickly back for the next installment with “Swim Again”.

“Swim Again” is striking and beautiful immediately getting the blood pumping introducing the song with gritty uptempo drums and fuzzy guitars. The mood of the track, however, is extremely dreamy taking inspiration from the 80s and 90s shoegaze crafting an ethereal sounding mix of Falconer’s emotive vocals, immense feedback, and sweeping electric guitars.

Harpo Milk’s releases so far are eminently vulnerable drawing from real-life experiences creating an evocative indie rock sound that pulls at the heartstrings. Falconer’s new turn in musical direction is very exciting, and with two tracks released in such quick succession, much more can be expected from the established indie-rocker.

Listen to “Swim Again” below:

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