GSM talks with Jeffrey Novak of Savoy Motel


Get Some Magazine took a minute to chat via email with writer/producer Jeffery Novak of Savoy Motel. The band’s music drives from the past 50+ years but Novak insists that his band isn’t stuck in the past. With powerful hooks and rapturous melodies, Savoy Motel shows signs of promise. Tap into our interview below:

GSM: There’s been a handful of rumors as to where the band acquired its name from. Mind setting the record straight?

JN: I can’t imagine what rumors have spread about our name acquisition. We get asked about our name in most interviews, and we usually give the same answer. We’re named after a real Savoy Motel in Nashville.

GSM: Tell us who wears the bell-bottoms in the band and why.

JN: Probably Mimi and Jessica. I know Dillon’s worn some of my striped bell-bottoms that are too short on me for certain occasions. 

GSM: Do you consider yourself 70’s revivalists?

JN: Absolutely not. That’s another question that most interviewers still ask us for some reason. We’ve been very clear from the beginning that we are a current band making modern music. We’re not on some nostalgia trip for a decade that none of us are old enough to have lived through. 

GSM: Your self-titled album, Savoy Motel encompassed a multitude of sounds from the past 60+ years – what triggered the nostalgic domination?

JN: Once again, we are not some “Nostalgic Domination” in our view of our own art. All art requires building off and adding to what came before, and Savoy Motel’s work is no different.

GSM: The track “Souvenier Rock Shop” provides listens with a great representation of your music. What went into crafting this particular song?

JN: I was trying to write a silly song about a Nazi war criminal who was stuck working a crappy job in South America after the war, but afterward I realized I was really just writing about myself and my own situation with the band at that time. Most people who have written about that song tend to interoperate it being about glam rock records or working in a souvenir shop. I like writing songs that can be taken however the listener prefers. There’s no one right answer for what a song is about, no matter what the author says.

GSM: You’ve been on tour since the 25th of January. Have any venues or cities stood out as a must-return for you?

JN: We all thought the vibe in San Fransisco was really weird. That city has changed in an odd way. I miss how amazing that city used to be. It doesn’t seem like working class people can afford to live there anymore. It’s become too expensive, and it’s having a negative effect on SF culture. It’s a bummer.

GSM: The Echo in Los Angeles is particularly known for propelling bands into stars. Are the nerves starting to rattle a bit?

JN: No, all of our old band’s played The Echo multiple times in the past, and we were never propelled anywhere except to the next city on our tour schedules.

GSM: Tell us about your pre-show rituals. Does it include watching episodes of All in the Family? M.A.S.H?

JN: No, we don’t usually watch very much TV on the road, and I’ve never seen a full episode of All In The Family of M.A.S.H. in my life. 

GSM: What are some of your guilty pleasure records?

JN: The Lemon Twigs asked us a similar question the other night and none of really had an answer. None of us are embarrassed enough of anything we listen to, where we would refer to it as a guilty pleasure. I can say that Mimi, Jessica, and Dillon all have a pure love for great music that seems to stimulate their body and soul every day of their lives. It’s a great energy to be around and the main reason we all play in a band together. 

GSM: Once the US tour wraps up you’re headed to Europe. Anything planned for after Europe?

JN: Yes, we’re going to mix our next album in April after we get back from Europe.

The band has an intimate show lined up for tonight at the Echo. Tickets are still available and can be purchased by clicking here!


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