Grivo Elude

Austin based shoegaze band Grivo released a glitch-tastic video for “Burnout,” the first single from their forthcoming debut album Elude, due out on November 16th from Holodeck Records.

The “Burnout” video was directed by fashion photography crew Essentials Creative, who built a layered video experience, superimposing images atop of each other to create a collage. Distinct images pop out from the visual chaos briefly before succumbing to the waves of distortion, much like the song it is promoting.

Grivo creates an atmosphere with their music, layering sounds on top of one another, embracing the distortion, as pointed guitar hooks and dreamy vocals surf on top of the ordered chaos. They straddle several different genres of music, encompassing shoegaze, doom metal and goth all at the same time.

Born in a small town in Michigan, the two founding members of Grivo are also brothers Timothy (vocalist/guitarist) and Matthew Heck (drummer). in 2015, the two settled in Austin and recruited bassist Ricardo Tejeda to form a powerful three piece whose sound belies their small size.

Preorder Elude now on either black vinyl or cassette here.

Watch the glitchy grandeur of “Burnout” below:

Grivo – Elude Tracklist:

1. HDC
2. Render
3. Burnout
4. Opia
5. Cave
6. Sonder
7. C.A.
8. Elude
9. Room


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