Gothic Tropic Craft Warm Summer Tunes on Fast or Feast


Gothic Tropic

Cecilia Della Peruti. Remember that name, because you’ll be thanking her for crafting the soundtrack to your summer 2017 festivities. Peruti is the field marshal behind Gothic Tropic, the Los Angeles indie rock band whose stellar debut album, Fast or Feast, drops tomorrow, May 19th on Old Flame records.

A talented multi-instrumentalist who spent time as a hired gun for the likes of Charli XCX and BØRNS, Peruti’s long awaited, eclectic and infectious as all hell, Gothic Tropic project has been years in the making; but with masterful tunes like these, it’s safe to that it was well worth the wait.

A literal hodgepodge of Peruti’s favorite musical influences, Gothic Tropic’s sound runs the gamut of just about everything. Opening track “Stronger” barrels through with 80’s new wave energy, a sure fire toe tapper/air drumming number if there ever was one. “How Life Works” switches gears into a hauntingly catchy indie march, with immaculate guitar tones and Peruti’s hypnotic voice taking center stage on one of Fast or Feast’s many soaring choruses.

Gothic Tropic
Photo Credit: Ryan Aylsworth

Further down the road, “Your Soul” morphs from an upbeat disco jam to a somber post-rock banger. Think Blondie covering Thursday, on a gorgeous tropical beachfront. The entire album, even the slower moments, retains a warm and inviting quality that imbibes the listener with a certain summer time gladness if you will. “Cry Like A Man” is a jangly siren song, complete with funky hi-hat strokes and ethereal guitar effects. Album closer “Feed You To The Sharks” ends with a soulful 1950’s sendoff, with Peruti’s voice drifting off into the sunset.

Gothic Tropic craft warm summer tunes on Fast or FeastWith so many genres covered and so many exceptional hooks interwoven into Fast or Feast, it would be difficult not recommending Gothic Tropic’s debut album to just about everyone. If you like music and have a functioning set of ears, this just might be your album of the summer… every summer. Thanks Cecilia Della Peruti, we’re already craving seconds.

To pre-order Gothic Tropic’s new album Fast or Feast, click here! Gothic Tropic has an album release show here in Los Angeles on June 6th at Resident in downtown Los Angeles. For tickets, click here!


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