Gorillaz return with anti-trump song titled “Hallelujah Money”


Gorillaz have broken their six-year silence on the eve of the United States Presidential Inauguration. With a politically charged video featuring Benjamin Clementine speaking and singing from what looks suspiciously like an elevator inside the lobby at Trump Tower.

Titled “Hallelujah Money”, this anthem harkens back to the more activism-inspired songs of the early Gorillaz. The instability and uncertainty of the song’s mood and direction is reflective of our time period. We are still humans who seek and crave power, and those with money often find it while those without are left behind.

“How will we know/When the morning comes/We are still human/How will we know?” That is the outcry of Damon Albarn, interjected amongst the rationalization that given our world’s progress in the past century in terms of equality, that money still equates to nearly absolute power.

Love is the root of all evil and money is the savior…a dangerous sentiment to bring into reality that can breed power. Lust for power and the behavior of those who obtain it under such methods rarely benefit the common interest. Unfortunately, this track was not released a few months ago, as it can not serve as much more than a satirical anthem for the future.


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