5 years ago, a Swedish band named Ghost, not yet very well known in the US, played a show at The Roxy on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood. On May 4th, now a massive band with a dedicated following, they played The Roxy once again for a pop-up show to kick off their Rats! On The Road tour, starting in Riverside and concluding in Minnesota.

With tickets costing a mere $6.66, but only available in person at the box office, ghouls haunted the strip waiting in line in front of The Roxy since 9 pm the previous night. Their dedication paid off, as once the doors opened, they were front and center to the stage, no barricade separating them and Cardinal Copia, the new face of Ghost. Anticipation built as the fog started to seep out from beneath the curtains, and once the band was revealed on the other side, the crowd went absolutely crazy.

They opened with “Ashes”, a new song, and segued into “Rats”, which had everyone singing along. While their main performances have elaborate lighting and set decorations complete with cathedral stained glass, this show was intimate, dark, and moody. Minimal lighting (except for on a few songs), lots of fog, and lots of crowd interaction made this night something special.

Rather than an event to watch, it was an experience to be had. The nameless ghouls, despite being behind masks that completely obscure their identities, played to the crowd, and those in front were fortunate to be graced with Cardinal Copia’s blessings. It was a truly spiritual night, and the congregation left feeling awakened and ready to take on the world, some of them on their way to a second service the following night in Riverside.



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