What a year! There were a ton of killer albums that came out in 2019. The music fanatics here at Get Some Magazine thought we’d compile a shortlist of some of our favorites. Check the albums below, embrace the music bounty we received in 2019, and prepare for an even better 2020…Happy New Year folks!

10. In Flames‘I, The Mask’

In Flames were one of the first Swedish melodic death metal bands to break big in the States back in the day. After [checks notes: holy crap] 30 years in the game, In Flames are still killing it, as their new album ‘I, The Mask’ attests. Few bands are as reliably rockin’ as these guys. Now check out their weirdly compelling music video!

9. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard‘Infest The Rats Nest’

The psychedelic rock kingpins in King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard have gone full-blown heavy metal on their latest record [and the second album of the year! How is that possible?] Just to be clear, the band channels an old school hessian vibe, not the bombastic technical onslaught of modern-day metal, on this release. And successfully channel it they do. This record freakin’ rips.

8. Post Malone‘Hollywood’s Bleeding’

Post Malone can seemingly do no wrong. He’s gone from rising SoundCloud star to one of the biggest artists in the universe. The rapper’s third full-length album hits the perfect balance between rap music and pop sensibilities. It’s also, probably the only place you’ll find a monster single from a Spider-Man film soundtrack alongside a collaboration with Ozzy Osbourne!

7. PUP‘Morbid Stuff’

The Canadian pop-punk heavyweights in PUP explore the darker side of human existence on their rad new album, ‘Morbid Stuff.’ This record is a marvelous collection of rock ‘n’ roll riffs [with a capital ‘R’] and perfectly executed 4/4 hooks. It also allows the listener to shout along at the top of their lungs and blow off some of that 21st century dread we all experience time and again.

6. Ladytron‘Ladytron’

Ladytron is back with their first album in eight years. This new self-titled record from these synth-pop British icons is a hell of a return! Fueled by the political strife and societal decay that runs amok on both sides of the pond these days, this new album is a fiery return to form and features metal legend Igor Cavalera on drums.

5. Bring Me The Horizon‘Amo’

Never in a million years would anyone from the band’s old deathcore Myspace days have imagined that Bring Me The Horizon would release such an eclectic and diverse album as this, featuring iconic rappers, avant-garde artists like Grimes, and black metal screamer extraordinaire Dani Filth, but they did and it freakin’ works!

4. Amon Amarth‘Berserker’

Amon Amarth has been riding high for the past decade, releasing killer album after killer album; all culminating with 2019’s insanely awesome, ‘Berserker.’ Melodic death metal might still be a bit much for the average music fan to embrace, but the barrage of catchy riffs and glorious Viking melodies Amon Amarth has compiled on their new album feels like they’ve done the impossible: melodic death for the masses.

3. The Get Up Kids‘Problems’

This record finds the band refining their energetic, emo-punk sound that forever engrained The Get Up Kids into the hearts and minds of lovelorn rock fans in the late ’90s. On ‘Problems’ the band proves that they’re older, wiser, and still know their way around a catchy hook.

2. Black Midi‘Schlagenheim’

The mind-bending upstart rockers in Black Midi dropped their stunning debut album back Spring and it still resonates as one of the wildest romps of 2019. This is bonafide discordant proggy math-rock and we absolutely love it. If these lads can conjure such madness on their debut, what on Earth will they unleash next time around?!

1. Billie Eilish‘When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?’

She’s dominated the airwaves, dropped stunning music video after stunning music video, rocked sold-out shows all year long, and won a prestigious award for being the biggest fan of The Office to ever exist. It’s safe to say that 2019 has been Billie Eilish’s year. Her uncanny debut album, ‘When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?’ is the type of ‘holy crap’ stunner that only comes around when the stars align perfectly. We’re talking about achieving both critical and commercial success. If there’s any record that encapsulates 2019 in a nutshell, it belongs to Miss Eilish.


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