Frank Iero and the Patience Give Chain Reaction a Dripping Wet Performance


Frank Iero

There’s something a tad ironic about a few hundred excited teenagers chanting “Patience! Patience!” in an effort to coax out Frank Iero and his band, The Patience. After an amazing set of good ol’ East Coast punk rock by Dave Hause and the Mermaid, the crowd was amped up, sweaty, and ready for Frank Iero.

Frank Iero

Each time I make the drive down to the Chain Reaction in Anaheim and see the crowd of teenagers that aren’t old enough to have driven there themselves, I’m taken back to when I was a preteen with a friend’s dad chaperoning us from the back of the room. It’s a small, intimate space that you’re never too old for, and I’ve witnessed bands play some of their best sets at this venue. Tuesday night was no exception, as Frank Iero and the Patience played a killer show.

Frank Iero

Like an older brother or that cool cousin that takes you out and shows you the ropes, Iero made sure the crowd learned proper pit and show etiquette. With a “when someone falls down, you stop and pick them up, okay?”, a smile and a double thumbs up, Frank Iero and the Patience were ready to rock. And rock, they did. Part way through the show, Iero commented about the ceiling dripping. No, there weren’t pipes overhead, that was everyone’s sweat that had evaporated, condensed, and had started to drip back down. It was crowded, it was hot, it was loud, and it was amazing. If you have the chance to see them perform, I highly recommend it.

Frank Iero

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Frank Iero and the Patience

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  1. this is the show i had a panic attack 3 songs into franks set and had to be taken out… bad time for me but i bet it was great.