The folks down on the corner of Doheny and Santa Monica Blvd were treated to a night filled with emotion adding on a large dose of high energy as Frank Iero and the Future Violents took over The Troubadour on August 10th. The show was the final on their west coast trek.

Los Angeles locals, Low Speech, opened the night. Following them, the incredibly talented Geoff Rickly (Thursday) who’s solo acoustic performance brought every ounce as much the energy the full bands brought.

He took pleasure in using that dark lit stage as his dancing grounds to put everyone in a mindset of pure amazement with a hint of what some would call bliss. That feeling somehow managed to be a happy medium with what was to come in the night.

There’s no doubt that expectations were high for Frank Iero and he did not disappoint. Once the band of misfits took the stage it was nothing but shoulder to shoulder pushes and shoves with not a frown in sight as the band opened with “Moto Pop”.

The set consisted of a generous amount of tracks ranging from several of his past records including “Joyriding” and “World Destroyer” closing the night with “Oceans” off the 2016 album “Parachutes”.

If you’ve never been to a Frank Iero performance before, I suggest you change that as soon as possible. If you’re a new show-goer or a seasoned vet this performance had everyone on their feet.





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