The Fleeting Ends

The Fleeting Ends

The Fleeting Ends, a three-piece rock band out of Philadelphia, PA have announced their triumphant return to the music scene with the release of their first single in years, “20 Something”.

Formed in 2008, Matt Vantine, Matt Amadio, and Russell Langley created a happy-go-lucky sound that captivated folk and indie fans alike. With their reemergence into music, the band has created a sound on “20 Something” that’s bound to stay put on multiple Spotify playlists. The track’s sound is comparable to Phoenix, but with more twang and American grit. The lyrics talk about living on a minimum wage while working in the USA. Its main theme is what life is like living in your 20’s and the misfortunes you endure.

Click below to listen to the track:

The Fleeting Ends are frontman/guitarist/songwriter Matt Vantine and singer/songwriters Michael Kahana and Anthony DeSalvatore Jr.

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