Fine China

Fine China, an indie-rock band based out of Phoenix, Arizona, has released a new track titled “Not Thrilled”.

Formed in 1997, the threesome has returned with an LP via Velvet Blue Music, the same label which released their first recordings 20 years ago. With a 7″ followed by the full-length this month titled ‘You Are Not The Future’, the band is ready to hit the ground running once again. Their latest effort, “Not Thrilled”, pays homage to quintessential 80’s English rock such as New Order, Joy Division, and the Cure, to name a few. The guitar is squeaky clean while the synth screams Depeche Mode.

Rob Withem, the band’s guitarist/vocalist tells Pure Grain Audio, “I knew I needed a straightforward pop song for the record, so I wrote “Not Thrilled” in one night all in one sitting. It made for a different feel than many of the other tracks which I wrote over long periods of time, I think perhaps more immediate or simple. The guitars in the intro are an obvious nod to New Order, who are less of an influence on this album than others, but they are always there. The lyrics reflect common themes of my life as a middle-aged man; joy, anxiety, remorse, and melancholy. I don’t labor long over lyrics, so most of what comes out happens right before I record vocals, and is probably 80% subconscious. But I think this one captures my life in a nutshell better than most anything else I’ve written.”

Make sure to keep an eye on Fine China as they ramp up their efforts for a successful run, and maybe more.

Listen to the new track below:


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