Field Medic

Field Medic

Last year Kevin Patrick Sullivan, the Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter known as Field Medic, released his most recent full-length and Run For Cover Records debut, ‘fade into the dawn’. Now, the ever-prolific musician is in the midst of an ongoing run of new music that further invites listeners into the world of Field Medic.

Throughout 2020 Sullivan is releasing a new song each month, accompanied by an episode of The Field Medic Show, a DIY video series that acts as a window into his music, poetry, and art. Loosely tied together under the Floral Prince banner, the songs and visuals capture the unbridled creativity at the heart of Field Medic. Today Sullivan has shared the project’s fourth new song “better way” along with the latest entry of The Field Medic Show.

Sullivan’s latest track “better way” is a feathery yet acute representation of the songwriter’s incredible skill for musicality. Fingerpicked chords resonate with the listener on multiple levels creating a lasting track that will live in your 2020 playlist for months to come.

Listen to ‘better way” below:

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