FIDLAR, Southern California’s favorite DIY punk champions, played a raucous show at The Fox Theater in Pomona this past weekend. Over the last five years, FIDLAR have cultivated a rabid, not so cult following throughout the rock world. Their potent blend of frenzied punk, crunchy garage rock, alternative hooks and Lebowski approved CCR twang, is the perfect storm of rock ‘n’ roll goodness. Oh yeah, and their live shows are ridiculous. The band’s energy and expertly crafted songs turn crowds of all sizes/ages into frothing, pogo hopping fanatics. For a generation of kids who’ve grown up with rappers and EDM stars hogging the cultural limelight, FIDLAR have become the distorted guitar kingpins for young concert fiends looking to dance/sweat the night away.

FIDLAR disciples

This being a Southern California show, FIDLAR’s hometown army was out in full force. Fans  lined up for hours outside in the freezing cold [for SoCal standards…46 degrees is Antarctic!] to nab a spot down on the general admission floor.The band opened with a new song, “Alcoholic” and almost immediately the beers and bodies began flying over the barricade. FIDLAR frontman Zac Carper roamed the stage in hospital scrubs, shouting his lungs, and [eventually] smashing his guitar, to pieces. The Kuehn brothers, Max and Elvis shredded their drums & guitar respectively, while bassist and onstage shoe collector Brandon Schwartzel, kept the crowd bouncing all night. Song’s like “Drone” with it’s pulsating rhythms and Elvis’ extended guitar wails [he does lead vocals on this one too!] got the FIDLAR swarm extra wild…and not just on the floor either.

The Fox Theater has multiple viewing levels, staggered behind and above one another, with a pretty large seated balcony at the top. When songs like “Punks” or “Wait For Man” cranked through the PA, people lost their shit and started jumping and moshing, everywhere. Performing “Cocaine” at live shows has become the band’s unofficial piece de resistance. Zac gets everyone in the crowd to sit down during the intro, before the song’s buoyant guitar riff kicks into drive and an army of crazed music fans launch to their feet in unison. When we say that FIDLAR rocked the house, we literally mean they shook the building’s foundation. If you’re into crowd surfing, sing-a-longs, sick guitar riffs and the occasional wall of death [we counted two!], get yourself to the next FIDLAR show, ASAP.


Photos: James Alvarez

FIDLAR Setlist:

No Waves
White On White
Stoked and Broke
Max Can’t Surf
Leave Me Alone
40oz. On Repeat
West Coast
5 To 9
Why Generation
Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle (Nirvana Cover)
Wait for the Man
Cheap Beer
Blackout Stout
Wake Bake Skate