Fever 333

Doesn’t it seem like each week in 2020 is an entire year? Instead of having one history book documenting 2020, we’ll have well over six. If you can think back to last week, the boys in the rock band FEVER 333 held an incredibly powerful live stream in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Now, the gents have released a new single titled “Supremacy”.

The track is an incredibly evocative display of the current social climate of the United States, and the world at large. The track features blink-182‘s Travis Barker, Goldfinger‘s John Feldmann, and FEVER 333‘s frontman Jason Aalon Butler‘s wife Gin Wigmore. The track has further credits for Blondie members Debbie Harry and Chris Stein as well as Nick Furlong and Erica Silva.

Butler released a statement on Instagram stating:

“I have been as vocal as I can be about all of what has happened to our culture and country for 7 very long and painful days and will continue to do so. Beyond these seven days. Beyond the next 7 years. Until the day I feel as though the idea of white supremacy that has plagued our nation and nations outside of ours for centuries is elucidated, attacked, and eradicated. Until that day comes, expect songs like this from myself and @fever333 to flood your feeds, ears, and lives.

𝘚𝘜𝘗𝘙𝘌𝘔𝘈𝘊𝘠 will soon be available for now on our project’s platforms only. It had to be finished and released prematurely due to the climate. This project is and forever will be a reaction to its environment- and right now it seems, for the first time in our generation’s timeline, those that typically have some implicitly racist and misaligned thing to say about the unjust killing of non-white citizens are not as loud this time. It seems as though for the first time even these people have no room to call the case of Derek Chauvin against brother George Floyd anything but exactly what it was- another remorseless murder of another black body. As painful as this all is for us, we must utilize this moment. We must speak out. We MUST mobilize, show up for our non-white brothers and sisters, and do not waiver in our speech when we scream #BLACKLIVESMATTER.

Please share these ideas, please share this song for its ideas even more than its musical value, please check in on your friends who have inherited this plight, please ask more of yourself and your community. Please DO more. Please let them know…”

Listen, devour, and react to the track “Supremacy” below:


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