Catchier than syphilis in a fraternity bedroom comes the incredibly well-crafted song “Fantasillionaire” by Fantasillion. The song begs to be played in stadiums, outdoor concert halls, and in front of her majesty. With accents of indie-pop infused with elements of classic rock, the track pays homage to the British rock band, Queen. We’re going to leave it up to you to find the little hidden treasures throughout the song that make it such a banger of a hit. Enjoy it, we know we sure did.

On the new single, Fantasillion says,

“The song is written in my home studio where I spend a lot of time. I have many ups and downs with my music in this place and this song is about all the big dreams I have while working on my music. It was necessary for me to dream big on this song while it was being written and also to actually describe this dream in the lyrics.
Queen had amazing courage in their songwriting approach. Courage I find inspiring, that points forward and has the capability to gather people of all generations. They were free of the classical forms of songwriting while still being approachable – that’s both rare and absolutely amazing.”

Listen to “Fantasillionaire” below:

Connect with Fantasillion: SoundCloud | YouTube


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