False Heads Crash Onto Punk Scene with Pond Hopping Record ‘Gutter Press’


False Heads

After earning praise from Iggy Pop and releasing an energetic new record this spring, grungy British punk outlet False Heads is quickly becoming a band to watch. Their new album Gutter Press has fresh, energetic, and real sound. It is appealing to audiences in the UK and abroad. They toy with classic punk sounds but maintain a personality that is completely their own. Gutter Press \gives an up close look at the False Heads personality and it seems they have an attitude just different enough to make it.

”Twentynothing” opens the record with musical simplicity and the group’s signature dramatic delivery. Fun riffs and exaggerated emotions give an almost nineties feel to the song. This is an opening anthem where they take time to shout at the gutter press (trash tabloids) that the whole record is meant to oppose. ”Twentynothing” is featured in False Heads’ series of several grassroots concert style music videos released to accompany the record. It is a low-key charm and a chill attitude that works in contrast to the sadness and anger they also convey.

”Thick Skin” is another track featured in one of the False Heads’ simple low production videos. It has a youthful angst that is true to their attitude. After all, they are a group of guys only in their mid-twenties. They have a broken but catchy sound, using repetition and distortion to create tension and interest. The track descends into feelings of imprisonment but stays cool with short punk rock solos. “Weigh In” is heavier, grungier Brit punk with upbeat but angered dripping vocals. It is a dirty track with intense energy made for live shows. They expel liberating emotions with pissed off repetition. Extended mosh-ready breakdowns beg audiences to liberate themselves in the same way False Heads have on this record.

As Gutter Press reaches it’s close we are treated to the distorted quirky “Slew.” The band seems to follow one another in and out of the mix. Without those uptempo harmonies, it becomes a funky frizzed out mix of unique guitar solos and communicative chaos.

“Comfort Consumption” is a fitting closer to Gutter Press and seems to tie up the loose ends of the album. There is a tender intro moving into softer emotion, expressed with less exaggeration than some of the other feelings experienced on the record. Almost hopeful riffs build, revealing passion as charming harmonies convey honest youth. This is the key to False Heads sound and it is what will lead to them becoming a more and more successful, memorable act. Gutter Press is not just a defining record for this group, but a standout piece of music on its own. Stay tuned as it sends False Heads crashing onto the punk scene.

Make sure you check out Gutter Press today and let us know what if you want to see False Heads at a venue near you. Gutter Press is now available and can be purchased by clicking here!

False Heads

Gutter Press Tracklisting:

  1. Twentynothing
  2. Thick Skin
  3. Weigh In
  4. Slew
  5. Comfort Consumption


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