The Faceless burst onto the metal scene in the 2000’s; quickly rising through the ranks and becoming one of the most dazzling bands of their generation. Interpersonal drama and lineup changes galore has plagued the band in recent years, prompting a grueling five-year wait since their last album. But fear not metal fiends, because The Faceless’ new album, “In Becoming A Ghost’, out December 1st on Sumerian Records, is a jaw-dropping dose of technical shred and well worth the wait.

Guitarist, non-screamer/clean vocalist, and all around band leader Michael Keene’s other worldly compositions are a whirlwind of controlled chaos on this record. After the self-titled intro track subsides, “Digging The Grave” yanks the listener back into The Faceless’ dizzying, sci-fi tinged barrage of prog meets death & black metal. Ken “Sorceron” Bergeron’s raspy screams contrast Keene’s woeful croon, pitting your ears against one another. The song builds and builds into a labyrinth of blast beats, guitar wails and yes, even a goddamn flute solo; that all somehow makes sense because making weird shit sound cool is what The Faceless does best.

At times, songs like “Black Star” and “Cup of Mephistopheles” feel less like metal songs and more like a creepy film score. Like if Danny Elfman was listening to Gorguts and Immolation when he scored The Nightmare Before Christmas. “The Spiraling Void” has some of the coolest grooves and most pummeling double bass drums of 2017, interwoven with masterful guitar shredding and an absolutely haunting chorus near the end.

Perhaps one of In Becoming A Ghost’s biggest treats is the band’s surprisingly slamming rendition of Depeche Mode’s “Shake The Disease.” It’s a tremolo picked, black metal infused cover of a 1980’s classic that again, feels right at home on The Faceless’ new album; because making weird shit sound cool is what the band does best.

To purchase ‘In Becoming A Ghost’, click here!


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