There are many things synonymous with Buffalo, NY. Wings, maddening amounts of snow, and of course the Bills. While many aspects contribute to this Western New York city one has become a standout destination and event for many in the scene. Every Time I Dies annual hometown holiday show ‘Tid The Season’, a celebration of music, wrestling, and Buffalo’s finest brings in quite the crowd. Right in time for the holiday spirit. With people in attendance from all over the country and a stacked line up with something for everyone. They packed the sold-out Buffalo Ironworks for a wild night.

Vein kicked off music for the night. Vein played last year’s holiday show and made a huge impression. They’re gathered much hype since then and their energized presence was felt throughout their set.

Angel Du$t and Turnstile were up next. Both heavy hitters in the hardcore scene the crowd responded accordingly with tons of movement. These sets felt like they conjured up the spirit of hardcore which has thrived in Buffalo for years.

Another band from last year’s event, Knocked Loose, followed with their heavy downtempo influenced hardcore. Crowd surfers piled up to scream the words back. There is something about seeing these hardcore bands at this level and stage. It shows that not only is this genre growing and thriving but it will always have a home in Buffalo.

The Menzingers followed next. Switching up the heavier vibes for their punk-influenced anthems. Despite this change, the band didn’t seem out of place and prompted boisterous singing and high energy from the crowd. If anything their set didn’t feel long enough.

The Bouncing Souls kept the punk vibes going bringing their classic energy. It’s always cool to see a few classic heavy hitters on the bill. It keeps the line up fresh and pays respect to those who came before and laid the groundwork for this scene. Their set was followed by a highly anticipated performance of Buffalo’s own Snapcase. You can hear their influence on nearly every band on the line up so it felt special to have this reunion. Still a band with tremendous on-stage energy and power. It served as the perfect set before the headliner.

Every Time I Die exploded on stage with sparks and a roaring clash of powerful vocals and guitars. Every Time I Die proved throughout their set that despite their nearly 20 years of activity they have no signs of slowing down. Guitarists Jordan Buckley, Andy Williams, and Bassist Stephen Micciche were constantly jumping around on stage while never missing a note. Their stage presence carried so much confidence and focus. Vocalist Keith Buckley had complete crowd control with mosh pits and a constant flow of crowd surfers. Every voice in the building seemed like it was shouting these lyrics back. With a lengthy discography to choose from the band played all the fan favorites with the same energy and passion as they always have. The set felt balanced and fresh. Nothing felt tired. There was unifying energy in the crowd. It felt like everyone belonged there and was a part of something big. The way any show should feel.

Throughout the years Every Time I Die has always held a high standard when it comes to heavy music and entertainment. What has been started here is showing potential to grow even bigger. The city has even named December 15th as “Every Time I Die Day” to commemorate the band and event. It’s something the city and scene can both be proud of and shows that the best is yet to come for Tid The Season, Every Time I Die and the Buffalo scene.