K-Pop may be taking over the western world, but people should watch out for Juri, lead singer of New York-based pop group Emergency Tiara. Born and raised in Japan, Juri masterfully blends different genres, from soulful to swing, French noir to J–Pop. Her latest music video, “Explode”, is fresh, while the video is artistic and very entertaining.

The song begins with a blues-like opening, reminiscent of something you might hear in a spy thriller. Quickly following with the chorus, Juri begins to sing, her voice low and smooth. Moving into the first verse, Juri talks about someone “who you care about and love so much, but also have to always be careful not to upset”.

Watch the music video for “Explode” below:

Directed by her partner Russell Lee Cramer, the music video is a treat for the eyes, enhancing the song’s vibe. Starting in black and white, an unsmiling Juri walks out onto the screen, her heels clicking on the cold floor. As she starts to sing and dance, the screen goes red. The screen cuts between different shots of Juri dancing in different outfits, perfectly matching up. “The amazing choreography was quite intense to learn,” says Juri, “and when we wrapped the video I literally cried with relief”. As the video continues, Juri sheds her heels and the screen turns to color, a smile on her face, ending with a classic bond-like filter, with a circular fade out.

Performing mostly in New York, Emergency Tiara plans to tour in the UK sometime in April.

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