Emarosa engages a sold out crowd at The Echo

Words + Photos By: Mike Loik



Words + Photos By: Mike Loik

Emarosa is a band I have listened to for many years and fortunately enough had the opportunity to see them live for the first time at the sold out show in LA, Tuesday night at The Echo.

Opening up the night was a Massachusetts-based band called Cold Collective. The band is comprised of members of bands such as Transit, as well as Defeater. With the studded outfit of members, the band seemed to have no trouble kicking things off. With the crowd loosened up, we were set for a great evening.


Next up on the docket was Anarbor, a killer band that I haven’t had the pleasure of hearing before last Tuesday. Anarbor is a Phoenix-based band that was formed in 2003, and all though I just heard them for the first time, it was like hearing a favorite band you didn’t know you had yet. With the catchy melodies and bass lines from frontman Slade Echeverria, and notable chops on the kit from Greg Garrity. To keep it brief, catch a show, buy a record, enjoy.


Emarosa takes the stage, and there is no shortage of excitement. The packed-in club at The Echo lights up. The Kentucky-based band that I first listened to way back in 2006 was coming to life in what is in my opinion, the strongest line-up this band has ever had. With frontman Bradley Walden, as well as rhythm guitarist Marcellus Wallace joining up in 2014, the band has become something special. Bradley decides to challenge everyone to a crowd surfing competition that would not fail to disappoint. Amidst all the excitement Bradley brought it down briefly for a debut duet with his wife. The band continued the energy packed performance and left no one in the room short of an amazing experience. I had an amazing time and had to pick up the new album titled 131.

Emarosa will be on tour until November 21st. For ticket information and dates, click here!

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