Emancipator puts fans in a trance with harmonious tunes at the Roxy Theatre

Words + Photos By: Juliana Bernstein (Get Tiny)


In line with their new tour of small venues, the Loci Records showcase featuring Emancipator, Tor, Edamame, and Lapa arrived at the Roxy Theatre Saturday night and delivered an intimate insight into the label’s core.

Lapa opened the evening with a mellow, almost dream-like set and his violin began to guide the rest of the night. Edamame was up next playing a good portion of his two most recent albums, “Ochre” and “Anywhere People”, both released in 2016. As he closed with one of his most popular tracks, entitled “Abacus”, the melodic beat and string samples brought the crowd into a sway and more anticipation for Emancipator. Next up was Tor, and as the Canadian native began his set, the energy in the small, dark venue began to grow. The honeycomb designed set began to glow red behind the artist, and the projections grew and changed fluidly. Tor’s set moved through a mix of his own remixes of Emancipator’s classics, and his own recent album “Blue Book”, including his addictive single “Days Gone”.

As Emancipator took the stage, a warm blue light filled the stage, which set the tone of both the group as a whole and their set. A perfect mix of mellow and vibrant, while still maintaining the ability to be dance-y and upbeat, the duo showed who they are at their roots to an eager crowd. Playing tracks off everything from “Soon It Will Be Cold Enough’ to their recently released EP “Maps & Father King”, this special set really showcased what Emancipator has become in the last 10 years.

Emancipator’s next show will be at the beginning of March at McDowell Mountain Music Fest in Phoenix. For tickets to the festival, click here!


Photos By: Get Tiny

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