Photos by Charlotte Johnson


Django Django green

Django Django invaded the Fonda Theater as part of Goldenvoice Presents April, and from the moment the band stepped on stage it was immediately evident that they were here to leave an impression. The band, dressed in matching pink shirts and white pants, hit the stage launching into “Marble Skies” the title track of their new album. Three arches behind the band hosted different projections, while the band was bathed in red light backed by white strobes.

The music never ended, as the band shifted immediately into “Shake and Tremble” bathed in green light. The driving beat edging into the 120ish bpm range. Vinny Neff’s lead vocals played harmonic gymnastics with bassist Jimmy Dixon. Again, no break between songs as Django Django jumped directly into a rocked out version of “Tic Tac Toe.” The crowd immediately responding to the deep percussion and dancing synth line.

After three straight songs, the band took a brief respite, bantering a little with the crowd before downshifting into a beautiful version of “First Light.” The song highlights the amazing harmonies and the lights turned purple, bringing down the temperature on the ballad.

Neff apologized for singing lead on “Surface to Air” saying that he wouldn’t even come close to doing the vocals justice. The Carribean-tinged song breathed on its own, opening up to a percussion solo in the middle. Neff had no reason to apologize because his vocals made the song (which stands apart on the album) really feel at home as part of their set.

“Waveforms” became an anthem with the crowd chanting along “try to rearrange it, yeah try to recreate it.” The song devolved into one of the greatest moments of the show. All of the band members throwing down their instruments and hitting keyboards transforming the song into an absolute banger.

“In Your Beat” returned to rocking, the projection shooting old-school wire frame vistas behind them. After the pummeling, the band brought it down again, giving everyone a break during the gorgeous harmonies and downtempo beats of “Sundials.”

“Further” and “WOR” melted into each other, creating a kind of medley, anchored in the Middle Eastern sounds and pure percussion. Neff talked about the band being pasty Europeans, but after playing at Coachella they have turned a fine shade of pink. Then they launched into “Life’s a Beach.” They ended the set well after midnight with an expanded and transformed “Silver Ray’s” focused on interweaving beats and extended instrumental breaks.

The band thanked everyone and disappeared into the night. No need for an encore, because no one was going to forget that set. They left it all on the stage.

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Photos: Charlotte Johnson

Django Django green

Django Django Live


  1. “Marble Skies”
  2. “Shake and Tremble”
  3. “Tic Tac Toe”
  4. “First Light”
  5. “Surface to Air”
  6. “Champagne”
  7. “Waveforms”
  8. “In your Beat”
  9. “Sundials”
  10. “Further”
  11. “WOR”
  12. “Default”
  13. “Life’s a Beach”
  14. “Silver Rays”