Tristian Harris, otherwise known as his moniker DJ Boring, roared through Warehouse 1720 last week with a bout of sonic stamina and jam-filled juice. The Australian-born deep house specialist rarified the fans, captivated the bartenders and made even the grumpiest of security guards move their workboots turned dancing shoes.

Kicking off the evening was Jimmy Maheras, the founder of Los Angeles electronic record label and event company Into The Woods. Maheras tastefully blended elements of acid jazz with traditional house music to create a silky smooth set that generated delight. Patrons that were once against the bar quickly arrived at the barricade, bodies in motion, hands gracefully in the air.

As 10:45 PM hit, Jimmy passed the torch to one of the biggest authorities in deep house, DJ Boring. Without hesitation, DJ Boring quickly fueled the audience with a heavy dose of his trademark music. Tracks such as “Exotic Feelin” and “I Know You Want To” were mixed to precision, amongst a mashup of other favorites.

DJs traditionally stay behind the mixer yet in this case Tristian elected to go into the crowd several times, causing fans to become ecstatic with glee. Tristian’s on-stage demeanor is almost as humble as his music, which is gold.

In a quick chat with Tristian after the show, the London-based DJ informed GSM he could have gone “way longer. I’m typically used to playing 8 hr sets”. Well, when this lad returns to Los Angeles, hopefully, he’ll be greeted with an elonged set time. His music deserves to be listened to for hours.


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