Dan Croll

Dan Croll has released “So Dark” and “Honeymoon,” the next pair of tracks from his highly anticipated full-length album, Grand Plan, set to arrive on August 21 on Communion Records.

“So Dark” is a gem. The production almost feels like it fits with the 70s futuristic trend started by Bowie and The Who but also fits with more of a Postal Service vocal vibe… and almost has a distant Beach Boys feel in the melody. The track is inspiring with the combination of deeply layered influences from different eras. The satire of happiness in the melody and the scary imagery in the lyrics is quite interesting. It feels like listening to the narration of a movie. Overall, conceptually and brand wise it’s pretty cool!

“Honeymoon” is one of the two singles simultaneously released today by Dan Croll. The vibe of this song is reminiscent of the late 70s with its easy listening qualities and calming, soothing vibes. His delivery comes off as confident and content, and the compression in his doubles have hit the sweet spot in thickening up the song and keeping the ambient “morning coffee” mood. The organic nature of the choice of instruments and simple clean production helps the focus distribute evenly across all elements it’s definitely enjoyable to listen to and is an all-around feel-good type song.

Listen to “So Dark” below:

Listen to “Honeymoon” below:

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