San Francisco is the home for many various genres of music but has a very psychedelic base that has been planted there since the acid test days of the 60s. The San Francisco band Covet delivers a very impressive album filled with beautiful guitar melodies and complex rhythms that shape each song into its own journey. The album has loads of prog inspired progressions that the guitar controls throughout the tunes. The rhythm section is locked in with each other and provides the best canvas for the guitarist Yvette Young to paint all over.

The into track “good morning” begins with a somber guitar rhythm and melody that lasts till about halfway through the song until drum and bass make their grand entrance. This song definitely lays out the vibe for the following nine songs. The second song “atreyu” starts strong with some overdrive on the guitar and goes into a complex org rhythm that any music nerd would drool over. Rush would be proud! With some harmonics and sweeping sprinkled throughout “atreyu” definitely picks up the pace compared to the intro track.

The third song on the album “parachute” gives us our first taste of Yvette Young’s vocals on the album. Her sweet and welcoming voice provides a nice counter to the complexity of the instrumentation. It really is nice to hear a band that’s not afraid to go all-in with their arrangements and have the skill to add enjoyable vocals over. Kudos to you Covet!

The next track “predawn” gives us a break from the prog craziness by slowing the tempo down a bit and having some tasteful reverb and ambient swells in the background buried under the drum and bass. The ghost-like vocals of this track really mesh well with the guitar fingerpicking style Yvette was going for in this tune.

“nero” is the next song that immediately goes back into their upbeat prog style. Most of these songs don’t have a heavy vocal presence due to how melodic and technical Yvette is on the guitar. It is really amazing hearing all the colors she paints through the riffs and chord variations she plays. The drums really go all-in on this track doing impressive poly-rhythms that lock everything into place.

The sixth song of the album is “pirouette” which has a nice chorus effect on the guitar with an interesting time signature. It starts off slow and melodic and evolves into this manic jam between drums bass and guitar.

Following “pirouette” comes the track “ares” which is the bassist David Adamiak’s time to shine. The low end really cuts through on this tune and holds down the rhythm while Yvette shreds over it and drummer Forrest Rice has an absolute field day.

The album definitely gets more progressive as you go down the tracklist. It is rare that bands can pull off being so technical and melodic with also having catchy melodies but Covet definitely seems they have it down to a science.

The next track “parrot” is a lot like “nero” where it builds up calmly and progresses into a powerful ensemble of complex rhythms and riffs. The second to last track “odessa” is the longest on the album clocking in at 06:46. It begins all ambient and builds into a groove the drum and bass are locked into while Yvette does her magic. The song ends with a beautiful acoustic guitar outro with some sweet melodic vocals on top. The closing track on the album is titled “farewell”, which is a fitting name for the end of the album! This is one of only two songs where Yvette sings more than just a few background vocal swells. Her voice is sweet and pleasing to the ear, and the fact she is singing over such complex guitar riffs and chords is no easy task! She definitely has her work cut out for her.

The album overall is an outstanding collection of songs that fans of prog, psych rock, and alternative could really vibe to. I’m genuinely excited to see what’s in store for the future of this band. There is no doubt that their live shows would be an absolute journey.

“technicolor” is available on all streaming platforms and is highly recommended! Don’t sleep on this album, it’ll definitely help you get through these times of isolation. Listen to Covet’s new album by clicking HERE!


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