Even though it was initially postponed from April to October due to COVID-19, a new report has suggested that Coachella 2020 will now be cancelled.

As read in a Billboard article, furloughing and staff lay-offs at AEG (the parent company of Coachella promoter Goldenvoice) insinuate that what’s now being looked at is the likelihood of a slimed down version of the music and arts festival in April 2021 (which normally hosts 125,000 attendees per day) – or perhaps even a rescheduled event for autumn 2021.

“It is an agonizing decision, but sadly, a necessary one,” says AEG CEO Dan Beckerman of the staff furloughs, job losses and pay cuts. “The world is slowly re-opening, and our industry will re-open later and more slowly than most.”

Beckerman further adds; “It is clear now that live events with fans will not resume for many months and likely not until sometime in 2021.”

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