Concert-goers fled to the Wiltern Wednesday night for an evening full of music. The Philadelphia progressive-rock band, Circa Survive made a showcase along their current fall tour, still in support of their 2017 release ‘The Amulet‘.

Bringing along well-liked acts in the scene made the show that much more rad. Opening the show were fellow Philly natives, Queen of Jeans. The quartet instantly swooned the audience with their enchanting indie tunes. Performing their hits, “U R My Guy” and “Clever Hands”, they truly had the theatre in a trance. Lead vocalist Miriam Devora has a super clean voice that really impresses. Completing the act were the shimmering harmonies provided by bassist, Nina Scott and Matheson Glass on guitar. Essentially Queen of Jeans is an epic three-piece girl project if you subtract their drummer. The friends were in their zone on the stage and really gave us a special treat with “Are You That Somebody?” by the late great Aaliyah. All of us 90s kids in the audience slow jammed along.

Swiftly following were the ever-great post-hardcore dudes from La Dispute. Frontman, Jordan Dreyer rushed the stage and immediately began running in place, hyping the crowd even more than they already were. The packed theatre shook from the feisty crowd and fans screamed back the heavy-hitting lyrics at the band in perfect unison. Dreyer took many moments during the set to address the audience and provide clarity on the safe space he wishes to provide at their show. Encouraging us to take care of each other and ultimately enjoy ourselves, La Dispute proved once again why we love them so much.

With lights down and the anxious energy felt throughout the theatre, the guys from Circa Survive made way to the stage! With three tiny light bulbs lit brightly on stands spread along the stage, you could barely make out the shape of Anthony Green as he grabbed his microphone and stood centre stage. As he began singing the beginning lyrics off The Amulet’s opening track “Lustration” fans were crazed with excitement that the show had truly begun. Green’s solitary falsetto rang throughout the theatre and built with intensity as the band came in with the heavy rhythm. Going right into “The Difference Between Medicine and Poison is in the Dose” from 2007’s On Letting Go everyone danced! Circa fans aren’t new around here and they took the night as their own. The night WAS ours. The party continued with hit after hit. With a psychedelic-splattered backdrop, the band looked 3D before it, which made the music truly come to life. Crowdsurfing finally commenced as the band took on “Stop the Fucking Car” off 2015’s Juturna. Fans swayed back and forth, all in hopes to get even closer to Green. Bringing the night to an end, Circa Survive did a beautiful acoustic version of another off Juturna, “Act Appalling”. Finishing up with the fan-favourite, “Get Out” off 2010’s Blue Sky Noise. If it wasn’t clear by now, fan participation is a staple for Circa’s live shows. The show is really shared between the stage and the crowd! It’s hard not to switch views between the audience and the band so quickly throughout the performance. The magical energy they create only becomes expected time and time again. The inevitable encore, in fact, ensued with a special performance of “Battle, My Love” off the band’s 2012 compilation record benefiting Hurricane Sandy. Only fitting, Circa Survive ended the night with The Amulet’s self-titled track. There was not one unhappy person in the place. What a night. Until next time, Circa.


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