Pomona was bringing the heat a few days back over at the Fox Theater. Philadelphia’s progressive rockers, Circa Survive made a stop on their current North American tour. They didn’t come empty-handed. Frontman Anthony Green brought along some very talented friends to join in on the mayhem – Foxing, and Hail The Sun.

Getting the show rolling was California’s own Hail The Sun. This post-hardcore, progressive rock four-piece knows how to get things done. The last time I saw these guys was down at Chain Reaction in Anaheim back in June. They came on stage guns blazing. Frontman and drummer Donovan Melero took his place in front of his drum kit, fist held high. The band tore through their quick opening set with some of the highest energy. We got to hear our favorites by them such as “Relax/Divide” and “Repellent”.

With things beginning to warm up, Missouri’s Foxing took the stage. Appearing super stoked to be there, frontman Conor Murphy got the big crowd hyped. Kicking their set off with the song “Inuit”, the post-emo five-piece brought their goods. You may have caught these guys back in September opening up for friends Manchester Orchestra. They’re without a doubt one of the most enjoyable acts to see perform live. With trumpet in hand, Murphy belts out the lyrics to their emotionally-intricate songs and connects with the admiring fans.

Now that the sold-out house was completely full, there was nothing else to prolong the anxiously awaited main act.

Lights went down and fans screamed as their favorite band for the last 18 years slowly started making their way to the stage. Once the man of the hour, frontman Anthony Green made his way to center stage, the rage truly began. Circa Survive holds some of the most devoted fans in the industry.

Swaying back and forth, the rowdy crowd was completely enthralled by Green as the band kicked off their set with the hit “Rites of Investiture” off their latest and sixth studio album The Amulet. Upon Green getting out only the first few lyrics of the song, the crowd crazed as his uniquely pitched vocals filled the entire theater. As you probably know, Anthony Green is the original and current vocalist for OC’s well-known post-hardcore group Saosin. After the band’s first EP, Green left and formed Circa Survive with guitarist Colin Frangicetto (This Day Forward). The path they decided to take certainly paid off and gave these withstanding fans music for their growing years.

Their set Sunday night took everyone on a rollercoaster of sorts! Some things never grow tiring and I truly believe that their music falls into that category. There is a such a strong bond between the fans and Anthony Green. The passion doesn’t go unnoticed for sure. Stoked to be doing what they love, Circa Survive took many moments to thank their listeners for the years. We hope they don’t stop any time soon!







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