This past Thursday night El Paso-based Cigarettes After Sex brought their dream-pop and ambient-fueled jingles to the famed Wiltern Theatre for a sold-out performance.

Beginning the evening was a screening of “You’re the Only Good Thing in My Life”, a short film created by the band. Consisting of almost one-shot, which depicted rain pouring over a barren beach, the film set the tone for complete and utter relaxation, with a heavy side of romance. Although many fans were discouraged and became restless as the nearly 30 min short, it was the select few patrons that were able to channel their emotions and defuse their daily stress via the film. Needless to say, the short film wasn’t taken by all.

Shortly after 9 PM, the stage lights began to rise calmly as the film’s projector ceased firing. The first track that cast it’s dreamy tones over the audience was “Opera House” followed by “Crush”. New tracks off the upcoming album Cry such as “Falling in Love” and “Heavenly” were performed to a completely magnetized audience.

As the band kept the tempo slow and tender performing “Each Time You Fall in Love” and “Keep On Loving You” (an REO Speedwagon cover), small clips appeared on the screen behind lead singer Greg Gonzalez; shots of a woman with tears rolling down her cheeks, a house up in flames, and another clip from what looked like The Double Life of Véonique, a 1991 film from Krzysztof Kieślowski.

With so much fast past life happening around us at any given moment, it takes a band like this to slow it all down, grab your lover, and tell them how you feel. The night ended somberly yet earnestly, with lovers gripping one another, friend’s arms draped across each other’s shoulders and everyone thrilled to have seen Cigarettes After Sex.


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