Chvrches Album CoverAccording to CHVRCHES Glasglow’s favorite alternative/pop superheroes, love is dead. Well, they’re wrong. After spinning the bands newest and aptly titled album, Love Is Dead, out May 25 on Glassnote Records, you’ll fall in love with CHVRCHES all over again.

CHVRCHES blew up back in 2013 with their debut album, ‘The Bones of What You Believe’. Their monster single “The Mother We Share” conquered YouTube and helped strong-arm the band onto radio stations, festival stages and people’s hearts around the world. Their 2015 follow up, Every Open Eye, cemented their status as legit electro/rock wizards. Fusing saccharine synth pop, with alt-rock and emo sensibilities; the CHVRCHES train has traversed the globe, full speed ahead for the past several years. That leads us to the present and their massive new record…

‘Love Is Dead’ finds CHVRCHES diving headfirst into the deep end of the pop music pool; but it’s a gorgeous dive, with finely written/produced form. The album’s opening track, “Graffiti” is one of the most CHVRCHES songs ever released and it’s glorious. Uncanny synth melodies soar over a-rockin’ backbeat; while Lauren’s fiery/inviting vocals to dazzle the senses. This tune encapsulates everything that launched CHVRCHES to fame five years ago; it’s just bigger and better than ever. “Get Out” follows suit; the album’s first single and winner of 2018’s most infectious use of hand claps. This track has been burning up the airwaves [and Planet Fitness video screens] since the beginning of the year and finally hearing it in context with the rest of the album makes the song feel even more energized than it already is.

On this record, CHVRCHES literally and figuratively went out of their comfort zone. For the first time since their inception; Lauren Mayberry, Ian Cook and Martin Doherty, the fiercely independent DIY punk lifers; collaborated with outside producers to expand their trademarked sound. Love Is Dead’s most notable and prolific pairing lies with Greg Kurstin, the studio wizard behind landmark albums for Adele, The Shins, Tegan and Sara and Foo Fighters to name a few [really that’s just a few]. With Kurstin’s help, CHVRCHES no longer straddle the border between indie and mainstream pop. Instead, rather fearlessly the band marches straight into the FM radio warzone, equipped with alt-rock body armor and insanely crafted songs as their weapons.

Songs like “Never Say Die” and “Graves” are friggin massive. Like stadium crowds, massive. CHVRCHES blew up back in 2013 because their moody emo tunes sounded like The Main Street Electrical Parade and it was amazing. Now, in 2018; the band’s neon lights are even brighter and the parade floats have been replaced by 3D Star Wars holograms of Lauren, Martin, and Ian, conquering the charts. So while 2018 might be a hellish socio-political nightmare from which we never recover [unless we change our old ways…eh?], love isn’t totally dead. If you’re a fan of music, and songs, and sweet noises and hand claps, you just might love this new CHVRCHES album.

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