Chromatics Dear Tommy

Italo-disco, dream pop progenitors, the Chromatics are finally making good on their album Dear Tommy, originally announced in 2014. The band promises that the new album will be released this fall, and they released a new single and video, “Black Walls.” This is the first new music from the album in over two years.

The band directed video is a stunningly colorful throwback. The band is bathed in red and blue light, while star filters flicker off of light reflections. Lead singer Ruth Radelet is front and center, framed by strobing colored lights. The entire affair is retro-futuristic.

In an interesting turn of events, Johnny Jewel suffered a near death experience in Hawaii in 2015, and upon returning home, destroyed every physical copy of the album. That is nearly 15K CDs and 10K vinyl copies of Dear Johnny (See the promo picture above for Twin Peaks atop shattered vinyl of Dear Tommy). Jewel then re-recorded the entire album. Jewel’s manager Alexis Rivera revealed in a tweet, “Dear Tommy has the same titles, same lyrics, same track order, as when it was announced Dec of 2014. Nothing’s changed except it’s better.”

Jewel took down all of the previously released tracks, so this is the first actual music released from the new album aside from “Shadow.” The Chromatics also recently appeared on the Twin Peaks Limited Event Series on Showtime. They performed the previously released track “Shadow” from the forthcoming album.

Watch the “Black Walls” video below:

Here is the video for “Shadow,” check it out below: