Dark Synthwave demigod Carpenter Brut invaded the El Rey leaving bodies strewn in his wake. His Leather Patrol show consisted of six out of the eight songs on his latest EP, Leather Teeth.

Bathed in red light and with images of newspaper headlines about a killer on the loose, the band took to the stage, ripping directly into “Leather Teeth.” Guitar, drums, and synth pounded the audience as images from Slaughter High told the story of a young man disfigured in a lab accident, who becomes a slasher.

The crowd went insane, drowning out the sound of the band, as soon as they saw the car racing on the screen, announcing “Roller Mobster.” The sea of humanity pressed closer together, sweatily embracing the music in orgiastic movement. Carpenter Brut has become a more confident performer, letting the songs breathe organically, extending them through prolonged guitar of synth solos.

“Beware the Beast” another new track, set the crowd on fire. The vocals on the track adding a pleasant newness to the set, breaking up the instrumentals. Although I was hoping for live vocals, it was hardly noticeable on the dark stage with hot white moving lights cutting paths through the blackness like knives.

A pipe organ lead-in to “Turbo Killer” made it almost unrecognizable until the familiar refrain hit. Technical difficulties with the video playback temporarily shut the screens down, but the band played on like nothing happened. The technicians got the screens back up shortly before the end of the song, but it didn’t seem to diminish the crowd favorite.

“Cheerleader Effect” treated the audience to images from Cheerleader Camp, chronicling the story of the killer hunting buxom beauties. It also featured vocals, breaking up the thumping bass and shredding guitar. The most ingenious visuals of the entire night came during “Inferno Galore.” Images of album fictitious Leather Teeth album covers came up, and each of them was patterned after a famous VHS box cover, like Future Kill or Necropolis.

The night ended with Carpenter Brut’s punishing cover of “Maniac” complete with upside down crosses and Satanic goat heads. The band transforms the cheesy 80’s song into a heavy metal epic, with a face melting guitar solo as a centerpiece. The non-stop assault made time pass by so quickly, that the show was over before you even realized the band had played 17 songs. The people at Coachella have no clue what they are about to experience.

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Listen to Leather Teeth here. Preorder Leather Teeth on vinyl here.


  1. Leather Teeth
  2. Division Ruine
  3. Roller Mobster
  4. Beware the Beast
  5. Wake Up the President
  6. Chew Bubblegum and Kick Ass
  7. Turbo Killer
  8. Paradise Warfare
  9. Cheerleader Effect
  10. Meet Matt Stryker
  11. Monday Hunt
  12. Inferno Galore
  13. Sex Killer on the Loose
  14. Disco Zombi Italia
  15. Hairspray Hurricane
  16. Le Perv
  17. Maniac (Cover)