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Carpenter Brut has kindly released his score to the upcoming film Blood Machines early for us to prepare for what is surely going to be a mind-blowing experience. From the trailer, you can see that it is a perfect marriage of music and Seth Ikerman’s “cosmic opera” images.

The opening track “Intro” starts with swirling synth arpeggios and an almost Goblin-esque horror movie build that thrusts the listener directly into the “Blood Machines Theme,” a leitmotif that is explored through numerous variations on the melody. The music is immediate, driving, and uplifting at the same time. It screams that something important is about to happen, so you better listen up.

“Attack of the Amazons” begins with ethereal vocals and a simple piano melody rising angelically over a deep foreboding drone. The drone eventually takes over until nothing is left except a metallic thrum, like the engine of a giant mechanical beast. Finally, a driving beat rises and crests, again and again, intertwining with the metallic thrum, unsettling.

“The Ceremony” sounds like a discovery. The music you would hear while exploring and uncovering something is not quite right. “Souls Wreck” focuses on a simple melody over a vast aural soundscape, that rises to epic proportions. “Touchdown” seems tailor-made for an action sequence, all dark, heavy bass, and propulsive movement.

“Heart Ship” is a cool distorted guitar riff with high hat accentuation. “The Last Ceremony” has a Phantasm-like feel, like rolling down an empty street at night, nothing but a menace. “Bloody Kisses The Swift” feels like a romantic theme that goes bad halfway through. It morphs into a chase scene.

“Grand Final” is the crowning achievement of the album combining all of the different themes Carpenter Brut explored throughout the album into an epic magnum opus. It has movements, like classical music, and a scale that rivals anything he has ever written. Choral accents build until it explodes into Brut’s signature full-on assault.

The score ends with what is clearly an end title song, and it is a great one “Gone Now.” The vocals by Pencey Sloe bring Carpenter Brut’s music into a much more commercial arena. This sounds like it could actually be a single. It is a perfect finale, that drives home just how epic the album has been.

This is a fantastic album that stands musically on its own, but I think it will be so much more when the visuals are added into the equation.

Buy your copy of Blood Machines here.

Check out the Carpenter Brut GSM interview here.

Blood Machines releases on May 21st exclusively on Shudder. Check out the trailer below:


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