Bring Me The Horizon

Bring Me The Horizon’s new album, ‘Amo’ out today, January 25 on Sony/RCA, might be their sixth full-length album but in many regards, it’s really like a second debut. We’re some fifteen years removed from the band’s gruff and growly deathcore origins and over the past decade, the wee metal lads in BMTH have morphed into legit 21st-century rock stars. After one spin it’s clear that this new album reflects that evolution like nothing the band has ever done before. Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Bring Me The Horizon 2.0.

Opening track and lead single “MANTRA” is a booming hard rock jam. With a serious late 90’s/early 00’s nu-metal swing that’ll make you want to “Click Click Boom” your head around your shoulders, this intro tune gives guitar friends and fans of the band’s exclusively heavy past life something to grasp onto. “Fresh Bruises” follows immediately after and is a total, “we’re not in Kansas anymore” demarcation line for genre obsessives. It’s a haunting, electro R&B number, officially one trillion miles removed from the band’s old beatdown mosh riff playground. Old fans might not like all the modern additions to BMTH’s sound, just as many new fans might shit their pants listening to “Pray For Plagues” style oldies, but anyone with functioning ears is going to love “Heavy Metal.” This crazy infectious, rock meets hip hop anthem is pop music perfection. Featuring legendary rapper/beatboxer, Rahzel, the song embraces the wraith of Instagram warriors who complain about the band’s new material because “…it ain’t heavy metal” head-on, retaliating with the catchiest hooks on the entire album and concluding with a super heavy guitar outro and a hint of growling vocals, just to troll the shit out their detractors one last time.

Bring Me The Horizon didn’t just wake up one day and decide to chop their fanbase to pieces. The band has been on a gradual, some might say inevitable sonic journey for years now. The teenage metal kids addicted to loud have been introduced to the heaviest subject there is: LIFE [marriage, divorce, death]. BMTH 2019 are seasoned globetrotting rock stars, primed to set arenas ablaze playing anything and everything they want. ‘Amo’ might mean “love” in Portuguese but fans will probably remember this album as “rebirth.” Never in a million years would anyone from the Myspace days have imagined that Bring Me The Horizon would release such an eclectic and diverse album as this, featuring iconic rappers, avant-garde artists like Grimes, and black metal screamer extraordinaire Dani Filth, but they did and it freakin’ works. Some songs might click better than others, but when the hook on “Mother Tongue” kicks in, or the guitar stomp/horn section of “Wonderful Life” hits, you won’t be wondering how the hell BMTH got here, you’ll just be thankful they did.

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