Well hell, my ears are still ringing. Wednesday night at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles was one for the books ladies and gents.

Once I got inside the doors to the venue all I could smell was leather and booze. Black Label Society drew in a crowd that was there for one reason only, to rock their faces off.

The venue had a warm red glow and the house music was playing low while the stage was getting prepped for The Atomic Bitchwax, our openers for the evening. They kicked off the night with heavy chugging ballads and intense finger work across the fretboards. Long hair headbanging and fists in the air, what more did you need to get the night started?

Following Bitchwax then came the heavy hitting trio, Conan. The gnarliest fuzz distortion open chords one might ever encounter. It truly separated the men from the boys. Long instrumental deep-toned breakdowns that you could feel in your chest and throughout the floor of the El Rey Theater.

Screams, growls, rage, power… They had it all on stage with them. A huge flag was drawn in front of the stage. A banner with a skull head and BLACK LABEL SOCIETY now separates the eager crowd from our anticipated headliners.

At this point, everyone completely lost their sh*t. They waited as patiently as they possibly could until the house lights dimmed and the curtain dropped to the floor. There stood Zakk Wylde, the viking, the legend. Black Label Society dove right into their groove with shredding dueling guitars and an intensity that everyone knew was coming. Fog machines blowing into the air filling the El Rey with a graveyard-like haze.

Every single individual there knew every single word that was sung that night.

The El Rey Theater had one hell of a night. And so did we.



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