Betamaxx Plug

This is the Los Angeles debut of Betamaxx and Arcade High, two acts that are at the forefront of the Synthwave movement. The Union Nightclub is the perfect venue for the two bands to show off their retro-futuristic sounds. Los Angeles local synthwavers THE WARHORSe and FACEXHUGGER are also joining to form a synthwave superbill. Buy your tickets here. This one is sure to sell out fast!

Betamaxx came to the public eye when his track “Redlining 6th” was featured in the online phenomenon Kung Fury. Betamaxx is the alias of Pittsburgh based producer Nick Morey, focusing on music inspired and created by vintage analog synthesizers. His last album Plug & Play was released on Telefuture Records, and you can buy your copy here. Betamaxx recently announced a new album, Archaic Science coming November 20th from Rosso Corsa Records.

Listen to “Redlining 6th” below

Arcade High

Fellow Pittsburghians and label mates, Arcade High‘s latest release Kingdom is a concept album that plays in imagery inspired by 80’s fantasy like Dungeons & Dragons or video games like Dragon’s Lair. The band had this to say about the album, “We love the retro scene, chalk full of influences from classic movies and soundtracks, but we wanted to do something a little different. Mixing the always-present video game feel, and pulling influences from 70s and 80s pulp horror / fantasy novels.” Buy your copy of Kingdom here.

Check out the latest video from Arcade High, “Cool Inc” below:

Read the Get Some show review of Carpenter Brut’s sold out show at Union Nightclub here.


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