Band of Skulls have just released a video for their single “Cool Your Battles”. The track was recently featured as KCRW’s “Today’s Top Tune” who says it’s “full of swagger—this anti-war song tells us to stop spending energy fighting and do something positive.”

Of the video, the band says, “We wanted to make three videos that seamlessly brought our three very different singles together. Working with our director Nate Camponi, we shot it in 48hrs in Manchester. Fight scenes, hypnotic raves and real emotion play out as we provide the soundtrack. It’s all about the energy and the message of the music. Tough and tender. Real but epic.”

“I’ve always loved Band of Skulls, so the opportunity to make a video with Emma and Russell was really exciting,” adds Camponi. “The idea came straight from the track. Cool Your Battles has such a beautifully somber sound but then hits you with these massive euphoric sections that switch the mood seamlessly. As I thought about it, a riot turning into a rave seemed like a great way to unite a crowd of people, a sort of play on that old idea that ‘if everyone just partied together, we’d all be fine.’ And the thought that this big cross-section of characters could all rave together after spending two minutes tearing each other to pieces was quite a cool image to me.”

Watch the video by clicking below:

The song appears on the band’s fifth album, Love Is All You Love (produced by Richard X), which is set for release April 12 via So Recordings. Fans can pre-order Love Is All You Love here!


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