I think it’s safe to say we’re all feeling as if a movie is being filmed around us. Plot A: COVID-19. Plot B: Black Lives Matter. Plot C: Dumpy Trump. As we continue to try to go about our days as if little has changed, we’re often reminded that we’re wrong and the world as we know it has rapidly transformed. Nevertheless, I don’t know about you but as I ride my bike against the setting Los Angeles sun, I typically listen to rather thematic and cinematic songs. One of those particular tracks happens to be “Worst Enemy” by B.Miles.

Starting with an airy, distant piano the song quickly establishes its own as something much bigger than itself. Tastefully designed instrumentals are linked up with B.Miles’ magnetic voice creating a soundscape that is truly dazzling to the ears. It’s only a matter of time before B.Miles becomes a dominant household name.

Sidenote: If this track doesn’t find itself in the next James Bond movie, we’ll be up in arms and calling the queen for a Bond boycott.

Listen to “Worst Enemy” below:

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